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  1. beautiful site, beautiful bhaktas……

  2. Beautiful new chants on Sweet Surrender! A celebration of your love! Thank you for sharing it with us! Radhe, Radhe!

  3. bhajan unite west with east
    mater with antimater
    spiritual with anything
    & everything

  4. Vasudeva says:

    Attended their Kirtan at IYI Princeton. Wonderful! Highly recommended.

  5. Anga Harini dd says:

    maha beautiful songs and web site and photos and alls
    so much mercy share here yeiii

  6. Hugh Herrera says:

    Lovely to see you here. Many blessing to you on your travels spreading the light. 🙂

  7. Aiyana says:

    Wonderful Kirtan at Integral Yoga! Thank you!
    What is the name of the book by your teacher?

  8. Dear Kamaniya and Keshavacharya,

    I wanted to thank you very much for your beautiful Satsang yesterday at Jivamukti Schwabing. Thanks for your holy tunes and of course for the potent talk of Keshavacharya. It still nurtures me and will for ever. Namaste , we´ll see us at Namaste Festival… Heike

  9. Sustain the spectacular job !! Lovin’ it!|

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